There will be no Sundog Natural Building workshops in 2018
But our friends are holding workshops!


9-Day Complete Cob and Straw Bale Workshop ~ June 15 - June 24
$750.00 if you register by May 1st, $850 for registration after May 1st
Near Cottage Grove, Oregon

This event is hosted by Fernanda Medici and will be held in an intentional community on a beautiful,forested 40 acre parcel outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon. In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of Natural Building, while creating a 200 square foot Cob/Straw--bale structure, with your own hands and feet. Teachers include Bryan Burnoski, Fernanada Medici and Bear. You will gain direct experience of building the foundation, sculpting and raising the walls windows and roof structure.

Join us. Help make a positive change in the world by building environmentally appropriate ways of life.
To sign up, contact Fernanda Medici ~ E-mail: ~ Phone: (503) 431-1129 ~ Facebook


Got questions? / 707.884.3831 / P.O. Box 791 Point Arena, CA 95468